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Uninterruptable Power Solutions (UPS)

UPS units are important for certain types of equipment that could be damaged in a power failure. For example, computer servers are typically left running 24x7, as they provide services and files for other computers. A power outage could corrupt the data on a server or make data unavailable to users. In large business environments, networking equipment could also benefit from being on an UPS, as a lack of power to network equipment could prevent communication on the network. In both cases, a, UPS can ensure that the equipment remains operational even if external power was unavailable, as well as reduces the chance that a power outage could corrupt data on a server. In these cases, an appropriate backup power solution is highly recommended. DeMo Clouds has the knowledge and ability to understand your needs to provide you with the right clean power solution. We recognize that the selection of the correct UPS product for your application can require specialized knowledge.

  • Concept Design DEMO CLOUDS engineers are committed to making your vision a reality. They understand that during the early stages of a project, requirements may be defined only in a general sense and that there may be a variety of ways to fulfill those requirements.

    Once your optimum solution is identified, they will work with you throughout the approval process, including your submissions to management, the local zoning board, and others, so that detailed physical and electrical design work can proceed on schedule. Involving DEMO CLOUDS in the planning phase of a project has proven to reduce costly changes and rework during construction.
  • Power Quality Measurement Analysis DeMo Clouds uses modern disturbance analyzers to conduct on-site power quality measurements. Our engineers will analyze the data to determine the extent of voltage sags, interruptions, harmonics, and flicker at the facility and recommend appropriate mitigation measures and/or equipment.
  • Data Center UPS In the quest for efficiency, it’s vital that data remain securely protected from blackouts and other mains electricity problems. And while long term operational expense is important Demo Clouds must be considered, especially in the context of evolving power requirements. To help protect customer’s investments in power supply chain equipment, Demo Clouds Power Solutions’ data center UPS are future-proof, so that today’s UPS decision can be the cornerstone for tomorrow’s Micro Grid.