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Web Design & Development

Nowadays brand’s web properties can define the way of interaction between the brand and the customer. In DeMo Clouds we provide you with the most updated technologies along with a cutting edge solutions that can help you build your internet community.
When you’re building your business, we’ll combine your vision and our experience to give your startup the guidance it needs to make a splash! With an agile, product-oriented approach, we’ll implement innovative technologies that will help your company grow. DeMo clouds will provide with an attractive web design, which will grab the attention your customers and would be helpful to gain more business.

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    Developing well-optimized and documented application software is one of the most difficult tasks in information technology.

    The Software Development centre is one of DemoClouds major assets where trained system analysts , software developers and specialist use proven methodologies and tools for cost effective software development on a wide range of hardware and software platforms. Members of the staff of this center are cross-trained on various tools for the development of custom systems including imaging and workflow. We fully realize the fact that high quality services combined with organizational effectiveness serve the launching pad to business success of our customers.
    Therefore, we continuously improve our software design, development and testing procedures evaluating our achievements. DemoCLouds has always been willing to provide its profound technical expertise and cost-effective quality service to bring the software solution from notion to dynamic operative life. DemoClouds being one of the leading Application Development companies is providing complete solutions to different sectors and industries. Our dedicated and well trained technical staffs are fully capable to deliver quality work in the record time. This helped us in successfully completing strategic projects of national importance.
  • Web Development DemoClouds Solutions specializes in high quality, affordable Web development. We have the expertise, the experience and the knowledge needed to maximize the potential of your Website by developing Websites that attract users and are also easy to navigate while communicating a crystal clear message and your call-to-action. By using the latest advanced technologies we can create a great user experience for your customers and prospects, thus keeping them on your site longer and more likely to take the action you want them to.
    Web development is the backbone of our business. We base our entire business model around it. From the initial design conception and initiation to fully functional, user-friendly navigation to clear communication of your brand and your message to Flash and other technologies to SEO-friendly platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, to front and back end implementations and more, we’ve got your Web development needs covered.
    Just a few of our Web development specialties include:
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • Moodle
    • Flash
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • Jsp
    • ASP.Net

    At DemoClouds, we strive to make your project simple and hassle-free. We will work with you to fully understand your Web development needs, including what the top purpose and goals are. We’ll get to know your brand and message and if you don’t have a pre-existing logo we can develop one for you or perhaps improve your current one. Starting with your brand is key. The entire Website needs to be based around your logo as that is the foundation for communicating your brand and business model.
  • CMS Development When it comes to your Web design and development, there are many choices to make. It depends on your business goals and business model as to what type of platform you need your site to function on and what offerings you need to have for your customers. Our professional staff has successfully developed many sites over the years for clients across the globe. We specialize in:
    WordPress is the most SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) available today. It is chosen by many world-wide as the CMS platform for their Website or blog. It’s an open-source system powered by PHP and MySQL. WordPress offers many user-friendly plug-ins and template systems that create extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing architecture for your Website. Our experienced developers can easily re-arrange the WordPress widgets and add custom designs to your site without changing the code or losing the SEO value WordPress offers. WordPress also offers an integrated and clean permalink structure and supports easy SEO tagging. Plus once we have completed your design, you can have full control of your site through your own log in, allowing you to update your own content and images anytime you need.
    Joomla, like WordPress, is also an open-source CMS. It is also written in PHP and stores data in MySQL; but it also uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, unique software design patterns and also allows for complete customization. It also offers many plug-ins that can be used without changing the code. In short, Joomla offers more bells and whistles than WordPress does but is not as SEO-friendly, unless the developer makes it that way. Just like WordPress, you will be able to control your own content once our professional developers are done with the initial design and development.
    While Drupal is also a great CMS and works in PHP, it is used as a back-end system. It is the choice back-end system by countless companies and individuals world-wide. It’s not only used for corporate sites, but blogs and many political and government (.gov) sites. Drupal is also very SEO-friendly as it keeps the design of the site separate from the content for better search engine indexing. It is very highly-scalable and very user-friendly so you as the site owner will be able to update your content via Drupal as well. It also gives you very precise control over the URL structure and offers a powerful taxonomy (category) system to allow for easy, SEO-friendly tagging. It’s not as SEO-friendly as WordPress, but more SEO-friendly than Joomla.
    Another great open-source content management system is Moodle. The difference is Moodle is a virtual learning platform. It is great for educators who need to set up online courses that include interaction from students, corporations needing to set up training and management courses, businesses needing to set up on-going training seminars, learning libraries and much more. Moodle allows for course materials to be accessed, questions to be posted and answered, educational videos to be replayed, assignments to be gathered and posted, interaction between users, etc. The educational possibilities with Moodle are endless. Regardless of your Web development needs, or content management system preference, we have a full staff of experienced, trusted and proven professionals to meet and exceed your expectations and help you to meet your Website goals. If you are unsure of which platform is best suited for your goals and offerings, we can asses that for you and make the best recommendation
  • Flash Development DemoClouds Solutions provides professional Flash development to heighten the user experience of your Website. Adobe Flash is a powerhouse in drawing attention to your site and engaging your audience. Adding rich media to your Website, Flash can be very versatile and created in an extremely user-friendly manner.
    Flash technology is one of the most effective forms of interaction with Website visitors. It generally sets the stage to make the Website more attractive to visitors, which in turn makes them stay on your site longer to browse around. It’s proven the longer a visitor stays on a site, the more likely they are to buy or sign up or act on whatever the site’s call-to-action is.
    Flash Development Can be Used for
    • Seamless integration of videos
    • Sreating stunning effects
    • Developing dynamic applications
    • Creating top notch presentations, portfolios and advertisements
    • Crafting site introductions and banners
    • Developing online games
    • Developing mobile applications
    • Creating photo galleries
    • Widget creation
    • and much more…

      The seasoned professionals at DemoClouds Solutions can create a superior multimedia experience for your Website customers and prospects. And we’ll do so without compromising your current search engine rankings or interfering with the search engine’s abilities to properly index your site. If Flash is not done correctly, or done too much, it can work against you in that it can interfere with search engine optimization (SEO).
      Fierce online competition has made it more important than ever to stand out from your competitors. Flash development can help you do just that.
    • Importance of Flash, flex animation and sction scripting for your website The field of web applications and web sites is very widespread. It has seen tremendous growth in the recent times. The benefits of online presence cannot be ignored in today’s world. Every company wants to provide the best services to its consumers, in terms of web application, web sites etc. The process of web application development is very wide and involves a lot of individual processes. The main three components of this process are Flash, flex animation and action scripting. Although they are mostly used together still they perform very different tasks.
      The web application development procedure basically involves designing and programming and the competent team of DemoClouds is capable of performing these tasks efficiently. There are different types of software used by the designers and programmers or coders in order to perform their job. It is important for you to understand the importance and working of Flash, flex animation and action scripting individually and how they contribute in the overall process. Flash is used by animators and designers or by people who perform both these tasks. It can create eye catching and attractive designs for your web sites and web applications. Flex is also somewhat like Flash, but is mostly used for connectivity and complete application development. It helps to create more interesting, impressive and unique web applications, which are compatible with major browsers. So basically, the designs are created using Flash, while the programming and connectivity takes place in the Flex.
      Action scripting is the third component that completes this process. It is a programming language, which is used to write various applications. The communication between the front-end application and server-side applications is easier, if the front-end application is written by using action script. The combination of these three components, Flash, flex animation and action scripting, helps you to create web applications and web sites, which are interactive and user-friendly. Such web site designs created by DemoClouds can certainly enhance your online presence.
      Here are few points that how an application or website created using Flash, flex animation and action scripting can be beneficial for you:
      • These applications are easy to view and download.
      • Such applications are compatible with almost all of the browsers.
      • The updating or editing of the data is easy.
      • You can add a lot more features, such as audio and video to your application.
      • It will create a unique and interactive experience for your customers.
      The experienced and skilled team at DemoClouds can create such exclusive and creative web sites and web applications for you, according to your requirements.
    • E-Commerce Today people prefer to buy or sell their products through the internet. Any such transaction that takes place through some electronic medium is known as e-commerce. It has totally changed the way the buying and selling of goods and services takes place today. In order to start your own online business you can take the help of various Ecommerce Solutions provided by DemoClouds. There are many aspects involved in a business, starting from the marketing to the final delivery of the products. Effective Ecommerce Solutions can help you to carry out such tasks in a very easy and convenient way. The e-commerce has become more than a need today. It gives you the facility of working according to your own conditions.
    • Portals Development A portal can be referred to as a web site which contains combined information, accumulated from different sources about a specific topic or field. You do not have to search various sites, as a portal has information and as well as links to other sites, which contain similar content. Whatever your field is, the Designers-Den can help you to develop an effective portal service accordingly.
      Some common types of portals are listed here:
      Job portal: The job portal solutions are the most commonly used tool for the recruitment process by various companies. These portals act as a platform for recruiting companies or employers to find prospective employees. If you are looking for a job, then you can register on such job portals and can get notified in case a job comes up that fits your requirements.
      Real Estate / Property Portal: As the name suggests a property portal has all the real estate solutions for you. You can use this portal to know about any property that is available for buying or to sell your property as well. You can also find the contact information of property dealers, agents and builders.
      Travel website or portal: A travel portal contains information about travel destinations, hotels, packages, bookings, user reviews etc. It can be a great way of planning your vacations as you can get all the travel related information at one place.
      Health portal: The content posted on such portal is related to health, its problems, causes and remedies, life style, exercises, diet solutions etc. Very closely related to health portal is the medical portal. It deals with health care issues, medical content, information about doctors, hospitals and as well as jobs in the medical field.
      Education portals: These portals can be beneficial for students as they can get information about latest educational trends, methods, study materials, questionnaires etc. This type of portal is further linked to university portal. These portals are implemented by individual universities to disseminate information about the study options, faculty information, types of courses available in their university etc.
    • Web Designing In addition to working directly with our own clients, many design and marketing companies turn to us for their Web design outsourcing needs. We gladly work as a hidden third party vendor for many Web design companies in the US and around the world. The fact that so many others in the same industry trust us and partner with us to meet their own clients’ needs we feel says a lot about our quality of work as well as our work ethics and integrity.
      As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your Website is extremely important to how your customers and prospect alike see you and interpret your business model. It’s vital to your business that your Website is done correctly and kept up to date.
      At DemoCLouds we are armed with a professional team of developers and designers who work with clients from across the globe in creating fully functional, easy to navigate and affordable Websites that also communicate your branding and call-to-action. Whether you just need a basic Website to establish an online presence or a fully robust , very dynamic Website we can make it happen for you.
      We offer exceptional Web design services to business of all sizes. From small to large to Fortune 500, DemoCLouds can deliver. We stay abreast of the latest technologies and pride ourselves in our abilities to assess which design needs to focus on the most and strategize from there to meet your overall business objectives. We also have to admit to creating some pretty nice looking Websites. We are not known for creating eye candy; but we are known for creating eye candy that works! It’s not enough for your Website to just look great – it has to perform as well. We make it do both.
    • Graphics Design / Logo Design DemoClouds has a team of dedicated graphic designers who can visualize your ideas with unmatched creativity. Stunning presentation of facts, figures and images are crucial to the success of any marketing campaign, product and service demonstration, advertisement, etc. Our creative team can help boost your organization's brand image by conceptualizing and designing eye-catching logos, brochures, and marketing materials.
      • Logos & Branding
      • Brochures
      • e Catalogues

      The Importance of Logo Design

      There are many features by which your customers identify your brand. It could be its name, logo, tag line or any other image. Among the above mentioned, the logo is the most easily identified and noticed features. A logo is an image or a graphic, which helps your customers to identify your brand and also differentiates it from other brands. The color, size and shape of your logo have a lot of impact on its overall appearance. It is the visual representation of your business or product.
      It is advisable to hire the services of the professionals to design your logo. The creative team of DemoClouds is capable of enhancing your brand image by developing an appropriate logo. The design process involves a lot of research about your company, its consumers and the products that you sell.
    • Web Maintenance Sometimes keeping up with Web maintenance can be challenging. Most businesses do not have the time keep up with the needed changes of their site themselves, even if their Website is set on a content management system (CMS). Daily business operations need to come first. Sometimes you just need a trusted, reliable company to keep your site updated and accurate for you so you can do what is more important – actually run your business.
      DemoClouds offers inexpensive, high quality Web maintenance options to keep your site current and offering the best information, products and services to your customers. Keeping the best Web presence possible is not only vital for properly servicing your customers, it is also key to an SE0-friendly site. Google frowns upon sites that are outdated and neglected.
      From affordable monthly contracts, per service fee set ups, or a customize contract set for your exact needs, DemoClouds can be the business partner you are seeking. If you’d like to try our services for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or just one time, we are more than willing to accommodate your needs.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Every business owner with a Website has a goal of gaining more traffic to their site in hopes of good conversion and therefore an increase in sales. Considering the majority of the world’s population uses their favorite search engine to find the products and services they are looking for over any other means available (such as the outdated yellow pages) tells us a lot. It gives a strong indication of the traffic volume possible. But getting that traffic can be tricky.
      There are not only the search engine algorithms to try to adhere at the same time as combating competitors’ efforts but there is also search user behavior to target. Why does everyone with a Website have a goal of getting on the first page of Google? Because studies show a great deal of searchers only click on the first few results on the first page. Others go deeper and into more pages but the majority of searchers don’t look past page three. So having a spot on page twenty doesn’t really do you any good.

      WHAT IS SEO?

      Search engine optimization is a series of strategic digital efforts both directly on your Website and off page from your Website, such as link building efforts. It’s important that all efforts work together to complement each other and work together towards the common goal of gaining brand exposure, building authority, gaining trust and of course increasing Web traffic that will possibly turn into sales.
      If you can dovetail an SEO campaign with social media marketing (SMM) efforts, that makes for a much stronger campaign. With Google’s launch of Universal Search that incorporates results from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, top blogs, videos, RSS feeds, etc. that gives us a very strong indication that Google deems social links as very important in overall search strategies.
      Remember no two Websites are alike. What works for one may not work for another. SEO requires some trial and error and there are no guarantees. With all of the variables involved from the search engines to competitors to your Website itself, there are many competing agents that can hinder just as much as they can help. DemoClouds Solutions will custom tailor your campaign for your specific SEO needs.
    • Effective data management with Database Solutions Among the various other tasks, related to your business, the managing of data is the most crucial and important task. Your company’s data system has all the information about your clients, marketing strategies, business dealings, revenue details, employee records etc. For your company it is the most precious and valuable asset. Irrespective of the size of your business, it is imperative to have a systematic and reliable data management system.
      Maintaining your data helps you to keep your business organized and systematic. You can easily access your client records and information about various business dealings. This will further help you to improve your customer relationships. The Designers-Den is capable of providing such services according to your needs. You can manage your data with the help of good database software. Such Database Solutions are designed to support the general forms of data. They can help to store, organize and retrieve the data quickly. Anybody can use such software easily, without having any specific skills in programming. You need to analyze your policies and future plans for the development of your business, from time to time. If your database management system is efficient, it becomes easier to generate reports of past records. The quick and timely access to such reports can speed up the decision making process as well.
      For the Database Solutions of your company, you can invest in some common software or can get customized versions for the specific needs of your company. The competent team of Designers-Den can help you to achieve that.