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  • Swap your paper archives for an electronic fire proof strong room

    The communication with your customers, suppliers and employees comprises a mass of paper and electronic documents. For practical and legal reasons these are often stored for a few years. In many cases still in a physical archive. Structuring and maintaining such an archive in an efficient way is a time-consuming and also costly affair. We are archiving paper documents and converting them into electronic documents to save effort and time; preserving the belongings info confidentiality of the companies secure and safe.

    Nowadays these documents can also be stored and sent electronically. DeMo Clouds stores all your information in a secure electronic archive. Thus there is no more need for you to keep paper copies.
    So with our E-Archiving service, you no longer need to keep massive paper files or awkward micro-fiche. Our e-archiving solution gives you complete access to all your documents either online, through a simple, highly functional web based customer support system; or with fully indexed CD archiving, tailored to suit your internal system requirements. What's more you have unlimited 24 / 7 access to your documents. The result is a solution that is functional, easy to use, totally accessible and very economical.
    Benefits you will get
    • no unnecessary costs for archive space
    • no risk of data loss
    • no worries about maintenance or availability
    • documents that can be securely consulted, anytime, anywhere